What is the Cost of a Semi-Truck Oil Change?

Published On: May 29, 2023

Perhaps the most common question that we are asked by our customers here at Rhino Truck Lube Centres is how much does it cost for a heavy-duty oil change?

Our express lube services start at $329.99 plus tax and environmental fees. This price may vary depending on the type of engine that you have, along with your oil and filter requirements.

This package includes up to 40 L of Shell Rotella motor oil, 1 oil filter, tractor grease, windshield wash top, and inspection of the cabin and air filters as needed.

In addition to our great price, there are several other reasons to visit Rhino Truck Lube Centres next time your commercial vehicle needs an oil change.  

Great service

Our truck lube services are performed by trained technicians who understand the importance of a quality job. Our 20-point visual inspection includes inspection of undercarriage and steering components, signs of air and oil leakage, tire wear and body damage.

When you roll out of our lot, you can feel confident that all the basics will have been checked off the list and that your truck is fit for the next leg of your journey.


The phrase “time is money” must have been coined by someone who understands truckers! When you are in the middle of a route, the last thing you want to do is waste time.

That’s why at Rhino, we make our lube services both fast and convenient which minimizes downtime. Downtime costs you money, and typically, you can be in and out in less than an hour. With our 100-foot bays, you don’t have to unhook your trailer (for trailers up to 53’).

Truck Wash

Rhino Truck Lube Centres now offer a no appointment drive-thru truck wash to help ensure that your vehicle not only meets proper provincial and federal standards but that your rig is looking as good as it possibly can.

Come visit us in Moncton or Dartmouth, where our conscientious wash attendants will hand wash your vehicle. It’s a perfect solution for trucks and RVs.

Visit Rhino Truck and Lube Centres today.

Regular oil changes for your commercial vehicle are essential in making sure that your engine functions at its best. Additionally, it will reduce friction in your engine, helping it to last longer while also helping to improve your fuel economy. So, next time you are in the Dartmouth or Moncton area, be sure to stop by Rhino Truck and Lube Centre and take advantage of our oil change and truck wash services.

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