At Rhino Truck Lube Centre, we’re more than just another oil change. We’re committed to delivering optimal value and performance at every touchpoint while getting you back on the road faster. 

In addition to our standard services and packages, we also offer the following Add On Services. Contact one of our locations for pricing.

  • Fuel filter service

  • Tractor grease

  • Tractor trailer grease

  • 5th wheel grease

  • Gear box (per diff.)

  • Transmission service

  • Coolant (Drain/Fill)

  • Coolant Top Up (50/50 red)
  • Coolant Top Up (Nitrate Free)

  • Coolant Jugs (50/50 Red)

  • Washer Fluid (Top up)

  • Howe’s Diesel Treat

  • Boot brush assembly

  • Boot Brush refill

  • Glad hand Locks

  • Oil analysis

  • Mud flaps

  • Wiper blades

  • Cabin air filters

  • Howe’s Meaner Power Kleaner

  • Triangle Safety Kit (contains 3 triangles)

  • Wheel Nuts

  • Brake Kleen

  • TERMIN-8R 400G AEROSOL (spray lube)